Dental Billing & Insurances

With honesty, integrity and teamwork, we offer you and your dental office the best service.



Daily or Weekly claim submissions to correct payor Id’s with correct attachments to reduce denials.

Insurance Aging

Reduce your pages in your Aging Reports and bring your collections higher.

Dental Claims

Denials, Fight claims to make sure they get paid.


Update all Fee schedules from your specific zip code to your system.

(All Insurances)

Credentialing and Re-credentialing for multiple doctors to all insurances including medicaid and medicare.

Claim Payment

Posting of payments and making sure the dentist was paid for all services.


Insurance Verifications with PPO Breakdown designed to specific office.

Pre Authorizations/Estimates

Sending out Pre estimates to insurances and following up with information requested to get the Pre Auth approved.

A little about me

My name is Valerie Trujillo and I am the Billing Expert and CEO of DB Experts. I have been working in the dental field for 9 years learning the ins and outs of dentistry and with time I quickly learned how time consuming Billing and Insurances are and how much time it took away from my daily office activities and the rest of the staff’s as well.

What we do

Our mission is to bring a more exact reporting system for doctors where most of their money is in their office and not out in the air. Brining peace of mind to dentist where their staff is dedicating to patient care and patient satisfaction instead of dealing with insurances. We have Cybersecurity and all of our Firewalls in place to keep patient information safe as well as follow all of the HIPPA regulations.
Patient Billing & Collections

We use friendly and effective strategies that get outstanding patient balances paid.

We help your staff, we don’t replace them

Think of our verified billing experts as an extension of your team. We handle the time-consuming and complicated insurance process so your in-house team can focus on patient care and experience.

Insurance Verification

Less denials and more reimbursements at incredibly affordable prices.

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