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I have been working in dental for 9 years learning the ins and outs of dentistry and with time I learned how time consuming billing and insurances was and how much time it took from my daily office activities and the rest of the staff. It gave me the motivation to create a company where I can work one on one with dentists to help grow their collections and take off the headache of having to deal with insurances and billing. Most Dentist don’t know how much money they really are losing with unresolved claims or many pages of aging reports. Having the staff solely focus on things in the office will bring patient satisfaction up and therefore creating a better patient experience which in the end will be a win-win for the dental office and dentists to be able to focus on what they went to school for, DENTISTRY and let my company handle the rest.

We offer a complete line of services for your dental health

We do Dental Billing Daily or Weekly, Insurance Denials, Aging Reports, Credentialing, Fee Schedules, Pre Authorizations, Claim Payment Postings, Insurance Verification and are at your call for any insurance related questions. We work remotely so your server must be able to access remotely, We can work with Easy dental, Open dental, Dentrix Core, Dentrix Ascend and Eaglesoft.


Our mission is to bring a more exact reporting system for doctors where most of their money is in their office and not out in the air. Brining peace of mind to dentist where their staff is dedicating to patient care and patient satisfaction instead of dealing with insurances. We have Cybersecurity and all of our Firewalls in place to keep patient information safe as well as follow all of the HIPPA regulations.


Our vision is to help grow practices to have as much collections as possible and increase each dentist’s revenue without the worry of having to do it themselves or have their staff focus on this with all the other things going on in an office.

Our values rely on honesty, integrity, and teamwork to bring you and your dental office the best service.