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Our Priority here at DB Experts, LLC is to protect your personal information and the patient’s personal information. This is why we are HIPPA compliant and practice all of the HIPPA regulations, our HIPPA Contracts are meant to protect the Covered Entity for which we are providing services for and our company DB Experts, LLC, Also known as Dbillingexperts.com. Your personal information is only collected if you decide to provide it to us by accepting the use of our services. DB Experts, LLC does not use any third parties and will not use or share your personal information in any way that is not only to provide to you the services you requested. DB Experts, LLC will only contact you if you provide your means of communication (Email and/ or Phone numbers) to us. If you have any questions a DB Expert is here to answer them regarding any Privacy Contacts and HIPPA Regulations you may have.

DB Experts, LLC

Valerie Trujillo

Email Address: Info@dbillingexperts.com
Effective: September 1st, 2020