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Make your practice more efficient and profitable by putting our billing and administrative support services to work. We’re experts at dealing with insurers and use proven, streamlined methods to get faster results from insurers. We’ll help you increase your cash flow … while giving you and your staff the relief you need to provide truly exceptional patient and customer service.



Here At DB Experts we bill to accommodate your needs, Whether it be daily billing or weekly billing we send your claims to the correct Payor Id’s with the correct information and attachments to reduce Denials. We work with PPO, HMO, Medicaid, Medicare.

Aging Reports/ Insurance
Aging Reports

The Aging Reports are closely analyzed each month with the doctors and staff and worked on throughout the whole month to bring collections up and past due claims and balances under 30 days

Dental Claims

All Claims will be investigated and will be sent correct documentation or appeals and narratives to the insurances to ensure that we can collect the payment from the insurance that belongs to you.!


We make sure your fee schedules are updated in your software system for all requested insurances and save you a lot of time entering them.

(All Insurances Including Medicaid/Medicare) Recredentialing

We will credential all your providers and offices with all requested insurances and we will have constant communication following up on the statuses of every insurance to make sure we can get you credentialed without any delays.

Claim Payment

Payments are posted within 24 hours of having the EOB scanned by your office to our Drive and our Billing Expert will send you a detailed report with the EOB’s posted for the day. If there is a procedure not paid on an EOB our Billing Expert will address the claim procedure immediately to make sure the Dentist gets paid for the work done


We will take the hassle of having to get benefit breakdowns for patients that are so time consuming and take away the attention to the patients in the office from the front desk staff and we make sure we submit your benefit breakdowns completed to you within 2-4 days of your patients appointment with all correct maximum, deductibles, fee schedules, waiting periods and percentages.

Pre Authorizations/Estimates

Pre Authorizations and Pre Estimates are checked every week and advise the correct staff member once an Authorization is approved for them to schedule the patient in as soon as possible and prevent loss of trace of the Estimate and the Patient. A dedicated DB Expert will also submit documentation, Appeals and Narratives for each Estimate that is denied until we get it approved

Dental Insurance Billing

Our all-encompassing insurance service ensures constant cashflow. We handle daily processing of insurance claims; checking of claim accuracy; corrections and resubmissions; posting EOBs and EFTs with correct adjustments to patient accounts; claims aging follow-up (including denial management and appeals and more

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When presenting treatment plans, we find patients to be more compliant when they understand what’s covered and what’s not. The insurance collections are professionally done by skilled DB Experts, and we spend far less time on the back end managing patient collections.
John Allison
DB Experts stood out from the rest of the dental billing insurances because there was going to be accountable. We had one person that we would go to for all claims, all follow-ups, and we knew that one person was going to get everything handled for us.
Alicia Potter
I can’t tell you how utterly relieved I was to now have the billing portion of my practice completely outside of my office, and in the hands of professionals.
Edward B. Suarez


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